St Blazey Roundhouse is the sole surviving semi-circular Roundhouse left in the country and uniquely has associated with it an external working turntable. Both structures are Grade II* listed and are also on Historic England’s Heritage at Risk Register, indicating their deterioration is serious and that they should be conserved.


 Aerial shot of the Roundhouse and turntable (Courtesy Dronescape)

Aerial shot of the Roundhouse and turntable (Courtesy Dronesc0pe

As a group of local individuals interested in heritage, railways and the community, we have combined forces to look into how the Roundhouse and turntable can be acquired with a view to conserving these iconic structures. In addition, we want to revitalise the structures by turning them into community assets, primarily engineering and technical training workshops, but also offices, shops, cafes and a small museum. We have been fortunate enough to obtain funding from the Coastal Revival Fund to conduct a feasibility study on our ambitions for the Roundhouse and turntable. Working with the community, we want to see this part of the industrial heritage of Cornwall conserved, and revived as an economic asset for St Blazey and Cornwall.

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